The Training Zone

Committed To Our Clients

People of all ages, body types and levels of fitness can benefit from our personal training.

Our training programs are specifically tailored to each individual client. The initial consultation includes a comprehensive fitness assessment that will calculate your fitness level, as well as discussing your personal fitness goals and objectives.

After addressing your individual goals we design a personal fitness and nutrition program specifically for you. As our trainers are equipped with the knowledge and practical experience to help you achieve your goals. Through our support and expertise, we will keep you focused and motivated.

Keith Poole's Training Zone has various cardiovascular machines that you, as a client, can use at your convenience during operating hours. Come in anytime, and maximize your fitness results with our treadmills, elliptical trainers, and stationary bikes.

Our Mission:

We are committed to hiring qualified, personal trainers who are passionate about fitness and helping others.

We are committed to helping, encouraging and teaching you how to meet your personal fitness goals.

We are committed to providing the environment, resources, knowledge, and motivation to ensure your success.

We are committed to maintaining a relaxed and well supervised atmosphere with the latest fitness equipment.

The Training Zone is committed to our clients.

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Training Hours:
Our individual attention caters to your available time to train. Because of this we have no set "closed" or "open" hours. Schedule a time, come in and make your goals come true.

Phone: (480) 883-0770

Address: 4955 S. Alma School Ste 26, Chandler, AZ 85248